Alarm & Fire Protection

A professionally installed smart security system will alert you when your system is deactivated, detect when a window or door has been tampered with or let you see who's at the front door - all from your mobile device. Best of all, our systems can be professionally monitored by our central monitoring station who will notify authorities or send emergency responders to your home or business in your time of need.


CCTV & Access Control

At ISS our CCTV experts have extensive knowledge to custom design your professional video camera system. With solutions for indoor and outdoor environments, ISS can cater to your unique needs with video surveillance cameras that work with whole-home and commercial solutions.

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Security Guard Service

Is Security Guard Service vital for your business?

At ISS we help protect businesses from theft, vandalism, and other crimes that might be detrimental to the company. We have more than 10 years’ experience, with over a hundred qualified officers serving the local community. 
A wide range of environments are protected daily like Hospitality, Industrial, Construction Sites and Office Buildings.

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